Powder Coat Finishes

Powdercoat finish matte black on widespread faucet

Durable beauty. Our super-strong powder coats provide a gamut of color options.

Antique Brass Flat Handle

Antique Brass Flat

Antique Nickel Flat Handle

Antique Nickel Flat

Antique Copper Flat Handle

Antique Copper Flat

Bella Terra Bronze Handle

Bella Terra Bronze

Black Handle

Gloss Black

Matte Black Handle

Matte Black


Gloss White

Matte White Handle

Matte White

Powder Coat Finish Handle

What is a powder coat finish?

Powder coat finishes are protected with a clear powder coating designed to allow the underlying color to show through and provide a layer of protection.

How is a powder coat finish made?

Powder coating: the name explains the process. First, a layer of powder is applied to the fitting with a spray gun. Then, the parts are put in a kiln to bake. The parts leave the kiln durable and ready to use.

Single Hold Matte Powder Coat Faucet

Powder coat finish care

Although the protective powder coating ensures durability, abrasives and harsh chemicals can damage the finish and expose the underlying fitting to tarnish and corrosion. See our finish care instructions for complete finish care details.

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