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Our company values, summed up in 3-letter word

There is one constant since our founding—our commitment to the customer experience. Choosing the right fitting takes time. It’s a decision that may live for the lifetime of your home. At every step, we want to ensure our customers have all the information, options and support to make their purchase with confidence. Whenever possible, we seek to say "yes".

“Yes” to mixing and matching

Every home is different, and you have a unique design perspective for it—one size does not fit all. We believe you can design your fitting to your liking. That’s why we allow you to combine handles and spouts and match them with any of our 25 artisan finishes.

“Yes” to quick delivery

When working on a remodeling project, it's both frustrating and costly when an entire project is delayed because you’re waiting on one fitting. At California Faucets, we lead the industry in delivery times for customizable, build-to-order products, so you can complete your projects on schedule.

“Yes” to customer service

Our award-winning customer service lies at the heart of everything we do. It starts when the showroom places an order for your faucet and continues throughout the lifetime of our products. Here at the office, we believe anyone who calls us will feel our smiles on the other end of the phone. It’s just one of the ways to help you feel like part of our family.

“Yes” to quality

In a mass-produced world, we assemble and finish every single product by hand. We take pride in crafting your fitting one-at-a-time. In fact, when you receive your product, you’ll find the name of the employee who assembled it right on the package. Literally, from our hands to your home.

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