Living Finishes

Steampunk Living Finish

Living finishes age and patina over time to add a vintage look to your fitting

Polished Brass Uncoated Handle

Polished Brass Uncoated

Burnished Brass Uncoated Handle

Burnished Brass

Burnished Nickel Uncoated Handle

Burnished Nickel

Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Handle

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Rustico Bronze Handle

Rustico Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze Living Finish

What is a Living Finish?

A living finish is a unique artistic product. No two fittings look exactly alike because they age and patina over time, enhancing the rustic and antique aesthetic.

How is a Living Finish made?

Whether polished, brushed, dipped, or burnished, our living finishes are made by skilled hands using traditional proprietary artisan methods.

Living Finish Bathroom Trim

Living Finish Care

Because Living Finishes are by nature more delicate than other finishes, the only treatment we recommend is a high-quality wax such as Renaissance Wax, available online or from your authorized California Faucets dealer. No other cleaning is necessary or recommended.

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